How to claim Plutonians PLD and RPC tokens

2 min readApr 18, 2022

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Hi Plutonians! As TGE is almost here we are just reaching out one last time to ensure a smooth launch and to ensure you have a seem-less token claiming experience.

TGE is 19th April at 1pm UTC

Plutonians has a claiming portal which will be loaded with all of the wallets along with their vesting terms and tokens on the morning of the 19th April prior to claiming opening.

How To Claim PLD and RPC

To claim your PLD and RPC: — Phantom and Solflare Wallet both work with the claimer.

1. At the Token Generation Event (TGE), on April 19, 2022, go to (
2. On the webpage, click the Claim Tokens button.
3. Click the Connect Wallet button.

4. Click the Claim/Unlock button.

Note. As we mentioned earlier, each of the PLD and RPC locked tokens have its individual vesting schedule. This means that the number of tokens available for claim is displayed next to the [Claim/Unlock] button.

Once you connect, you will sign in and your tokens and vesting terms will be visible to you.

Your tokens will be ready to claim at 2:00 pm UTC on the 19th of April, 2022.


You will be able to stake your $PLD and $RPC tokens to earn amazing NFT spaceships, NFT weaponry and huge APR% rewards on top! Talk about a magnifier! Stake from and read more about the staking rewards here <direct link coming soon>

We are glad you joined us for this launch and look forward to delighting you with a unparalleled Metaverse Blockchain gaming experience for the years to come!

Thank you Plutonians!

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