Plutonians : A Brief History of the IU

  • the League of Nations after WWI
  • the United Nations and Bretton Woods System after the Great Depression and WWII
  • the attempt at creating a New International Economic Order after the collapse of the gold-backed US dollar reserve system, stagflation, and the OPEC oil shocks of the 1970s.
  • climate change
  • increased automation
  • authoritarian state wars seeking to reclaim the power vacuums left by the decline of US hegemony.
  • a collapsed US dollar, which decimated international finance
  • global pandemics
  • supply chain shortages.

Jobs Guarantee

A jobs guarantee was deemed better than a Universal Basic Income, because it would allow the IU more surveillance and control. The result of the policy was a freezing of all social relations. Whatever jobs existed in 2022 would, by IU decree, remain forever. The IU was aware of problems with this model, but it was felt better than the alternative: a world where people had to grapple with the creative meaninglessness of life. Free time would mean free time to build a resistance to the IU. A jobs guarantee meant continued control over the patterns of human behaviour that the monopoly capitalists had grown increasingly addicted to.

Republic Credits

The fact that the IU economy continued to be sustained by the exploitation of the majority was hidden by the admittedly beautiful simplicity of the IU’s centralised blockchain currency. Republic credits were designed to automatically tax transactions. Any purchase of a fossil fuel, for example, is taxed. This is automatic. The money taxed leaves the wallet of the spender, and appears automatically in the wallet of the IU. There is also an in-built Tobin Tax. All financial transactions are taxed at a small rate of 0.5 per cent. This doesn’t drastically affect individual transactions, but is damaging for speculators who exchange financial assets many times in a day. The tax thus reduces speculation, while building up the funds needed to pay poverty wages to workers in the periphery.

Privatisation of Mutually Assured Destruction

Nuclear weapons and military knowledge were divided evenly between the different monopoly capitalists, such that mutually assured destruction has been formally privatised. Of course, the privatisation of military weapons had already been partially achieved in the 20th century, with the creation of what President Eisenhower famously called the military industrial complex. After the First Nuclear War, when it became clear that there would be no return to international relations, arms companies adjust to the new reality of inter-monopoly relations. They pledged to sell their weapons only to the officially-recognised monopoly corporations of the IU. In this way, the US military industrial complex of the 20th century was updated, with the US government effectively switched out for the IU.

Stability and Futures of the IU

The collective suspension of disbelief required to maintain the IU’s pantomime class society rests on physical and ideational power. The most important element in IU hegemony is surveillance. Republic credits trace the spending of all IU citizens. How one spends affects their social credit score, which affects their salary. IU propaganda perpetuates the idea that the reasonably high and stable living standard of the IU was the sole creation of the progressive capitalist monopolists. Having joined together as one unified body, the IU will help preserve human culture for millennia, and is essential for the long-term goal of escaping Earth before the sun explodes. It is also essential for warding off the menace of alien-aligned pirates. Besides surveillance and propaganda, the IU is not afraid to use physical force to crush dissent. Indeed, an IU gulag archipelago is filled with all manner of dissenting actors.

About Plutonians

Plutonians is a MMORPG VR Space Game powered by Solana featuring an NFT Shipyard, Game Builder, Story Editor and a great introduction to DeFi and blockchain for new audiences!



VR Metaverse Game — coming soon to Solana

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