Plutonians TGE News Update

2 min readApr 10, 2022


This news benefits the entire Plutonians community

Thank you to our loyal supportive community for sticking with us through the poor market conditions to what has proven to be a better period to take Plutonians to market and TGE. We would like to thank the crystal ball that was borrowed to us from a dear colleague. 🔮 🕯

It’s extremely important for us to keep you all in the loop with any changes, any benefits and any updates. The core team decided to stop raising capital at $15M instead of our initial $19.8M target to effectively reduce our initial market cap on each of our launching token markets by approximately $180K (per $PLD and $RPC markets).

Essentially this means a much healthier and lower Initial Market Cap of only ~$550k per $PLD and $RPC market at TGE. (originally it was ~$730K per $PLD and $RPC markets).

This is a win win in this slowly improving market for our project launch and the community plus it will present a better opportunity for price discovery. We wanted to reward everyone for staying with us over the poor market conditions with this positive move for our go to market!

With respect to partners, some chose to delay their raise as well when our TGE was postponed, so if you haven’t secured any tokens yet, the final raises will be occurring on Enjin Starter, Ferrum Network, Alphadex & DaoStarter.

Please note, these are not Public raises, these are Private Sales with the following vesting schedule — 5% unlock on TGE, with 18 month linear vesting.

These community events will also re-hype and assist with our go to market activities of which we have some amazing and engaging competitions with stacks of giveaways! So please visit our twitter, discord and telegram for more information on those!

See you ALL at TGE and a big thanks to our VC contributors, our Strategic partners and our Public Launchpad partners which include the best of the best — Seedify, BLOKPAD, StarLaunch, BullPerks & GamesPad and last but definitely not least CoreStarter! We look forward to uniting all of these communities in the Plutonians Metaverse!




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