The Plutonians Flight Test Pre-Alpha

4 min readSep 29, 2022


Greetings to all Plutonians! Announcing the launch of our first public playable build: the Flight Test Pre-Alpha. The team has worked tirelessly throughout this bear market to make Plutonians the best space game this side of Charon, and we can’t wait for you all to experience it!

What is the Plutonians Flight Test Pre-Alpha?

The Flight Test Pre-Alpha is the first public build of the Plutonians game engine, built from the ground up by our talented team of developers in the powerful and flexible Unreal Engine 5. For the first time, Plutonians will be able to get their hands behind the cockpit of Interplanetary Union space superiority vessels like the Centuria and the Venator! It’s called a Flight Test, because the team spent the most time on the physics and handling of the spaceships; this is the single most important element of Plutonians gameplay and one we really wanted to nail, so we focused all our energy on it first. We hope you enjoy it!

What can I do in the Plutonians Flight Test Pre-Alpha?

While the full game will have the entire solar system to explore (and after that? The sky’s the limit!), we chose Saturn as the location of our first build, due to its beautiful ring systems and local areas of interest. Players can explore the space around Oculus Space Station, or use the Interplanetary Union’s warp gate system to jump to Titan, one of Saturn’s most beautiful moons and home to the gigantic Titan Trade Station. See if you can find our hidden control panel, from where you can set whatever flight parameters you please!

We also have some rudimentary weapons systems built into the Flight Test Pre-Alpha — and some stuff to blow up of course! But keep in mind future updates will be more ordinance-focused — this is just a placeholder for a bit of fun. We could hardly release spaceships without guns, right?

Who can access the Flight Test Pre-Alpha?

Anyone! All you need is a Solana wallet and a PC-compatible VR headset like the Meta Quest 2. You can download the build from the official Plutonians website from October 30th 2022.

Earning Opportunities in the Flight Test Pre-Alpha

Players who get their feet wet with the Flight Test Pre-Alpha will have their Solana addresses stored in a top secret Interplanetary Union database. We’ve heard rumours that the top brass at the IU will be rewarding those early adopters with something particularly special… what that might be, only time will tell!

What’s next for Plutonians?

The Flight Test Pre-Alpha is but a small taste of the exciting and astronomical things coming to Plutonians. The Alpha Build will be our next major milestone: a full-featured release including location docking and trading, hyperspace travel, space combat and the game’s first story missions — not to mention full Solana wallet and NFT integration! The Plutonians Alpha Build will be released in Q1 2023, and we will continue to develop the game in collaboration with the community.

Until then, we will be updating the Flight Test Pre-Alpha frequently to show you what we’re working on! A tight feedback loop with the Plutonians community is the key to creating a truly fun and engaging game that will stand the test of time!

Marketing Moves

With the release of the Flight Test Pre-Alpha, we now have a working product to show off to the world! The soft launch of this first public build opens up our broader strategy of focusing on organic growth through original content and meaningful digital experiences. In the lead up to our Alpha Build release, we’ll be ramping up content and exploring new ways to involve the community. After all, the Plutonians project runs on the support of its users!

If you would like to get involved with marketing and help spread the Plutonians gospel, like, comment and share our content; and of course: get involved! Who knows, you might find yourself on the Plutonians podcast or even in the game itself.

See you out there, Plutonians!

About Plutonians

Plutonians is the flagship Metaverse game IP from the U.A.Fabrica gaming division with a capital ‘M’ for Metaverse. Plutonians is a virtual reality based, blockchain-driven Metaverse and NFT ecosystem on Solana. It is foundational with user editable levels, content, and story, with the best content brought into the master narrative, and the most talented artists and developers brought into the fold to work on official expansions.

Through a combination of Web XR and the Unreal Engine 5, players of Plutonians can look forward to exploring the Plutonians universe across multiple screens. Including, but not limited to, AR, VR, web, and mobile. Thus, collecting value NFT-based in-game items and making trades in the various marketplaces and social spaces across the Metaverse.

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